PCCWA Club Merchandise
Welcome to PCCWA Club Mechandise. 
If you'd like to enquire about any of the merchandise on this site please don't hesitate to contact the Club Merchandise Officer
Contact: Peter Olsen: (08) 9277 7407 or 0417 987 560

A CD containing The LION for the years 2011, 2012, & 2013 is available through the club merchandising officer.

A CD containing Club photos and 30th anniversary highlights is available through the club merchandising officer.

PCCWA members may find Peugeot Parts (ex east) via the following links
European Auto Imports Pty Ltd. (Ask for Martin)
Dapco Auto France

Club Shirts

The new PCCWA polo shirts with 3D LION are ready for you to order.
The club shirt colour is "Peugeot" Grey with black piping with the logo per picture.
(An alternative light blue shirt is available for the ladies).
Available in both Male and Female sizes.

Polo shirt complete with logo. $30.00
Your name below the logo is just an additional. $5.50

How To Order:
The polo shirts with new logo will only be available through the club.
Contact: Peter Olsen: (08) 9277 7407 or 0417 987 560
Other questions please contact above

PCCWA Items for sale
Peugeot 206 XR fog light (rh) 6205.t1 $20
Peugeot 208/2008 weather shields (s/h) $10
Peugeot 406 weather shields (s/h) $10
Peugeot 1.6 lt hdi fuel filter 1901.95 $15
Peugeot 406,307&206 fuel filter (petrol) 1567.93 $5 ea
Peugeot 206 cup holder x2 962273 $5 ea
Peugeot various model universal mudflaps x3 9603k4 $10 ea
Peugeot 307 cc car alarm 96718Y $50
Peugeot 206 car alarm 96716A $50
Peugeot 206 rear mudflap set x7 9603K9 $10
Peugeot 406 rear mudflap set x1 9603K1 $10
Peugeot 308 dashmat $10
Peugeot 307 dashmat s/h $10
Peugeot 307 side wind shield s/h $20
Peugeot air filter element 1444,cp $10
Peugeot oil pressure sender 1131.82 $10
Peugeot cooler knob glovebox 8829pn $5
P17 Valeo condenser for Paris Rhone x4 $5 ea
Peugeot 405 lower ball joint x3 $10 ea
Peugeot 505 inner silentbloc bush 4059.10 $5
Peugeot 407 v6 hdi touring instrument panel 6106.w8 $50
Peugeot 206 etc TU5JP4 Water pump (others?) $40
Peugeot head gasket TU5JP4 0209 1E $10
Fuel Filter 2.0 HDI 1906.50 $10
Peugeot manifold gasket TU5JP4 0349 i3 $10
Peugeot rocker gaskets TU5JP4 0249 A9 $5
Peugeot valve stem seals TU5JP4 0956.40 $10
Peugeot head bolts TU5JP4 0204.C4 X10 $30
Bosch ign points gb529 $4
PCCWA Car club stickers (old) $1.00
PCCWA Car club stickers (new) $2.50
PCCWA Car club cloth patch $2.50

All items are new (except where stated) plus postage

Contact Peter Olsen 9277 7407 or 0417 987 560

Club Stickers
We also have car sticker's available
(These use the old logo but blue on white)