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Concessional License

If you have an older Peugeot (25 years or older) and it does limited mileage a year, then you may prefer to put your car on club concessional licence.

Step 1. The vehicle should have a compliance certificate from an authorised DoT examiner. (Alternatively the vehicle may already be under current licence).
Step 2. The member should then apply to the PCCWA for a letter stating you are a current financial member and that your vehicle meets the concessional license requirements.
Step 3. All documents are to be presented to DoT together with an application for concessional licence form.

The advantages of the club concessional licence are a reduction in registration fees to approx $80.00 pa.

Points to note;
The vehicle must be maintained according to original specifications. (Modifications are not permitted).
Vehicle is only to be driven on the road to and from club sanctioned events.
The vehicle may be driven on the road for servicing or testing purposes.
The vehicle license must be carried in the vehicle at all times.
The vehicle must display a post vintage or historic plate, above or below the registration plates.
The driver is advised to maintain a log book recording the status and purpose of any travel.

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Club Library

Peugeot work shop manuals in the PCCWA club library available to club members.

104 Auto Book 1973-1975.
104/305 Bodywork Manuals.
203 and 403 Owners Manual (in French).
205 Automobiles Peugeot.
205 Wiring Data.
205 Workshop Manual. (Haynes)
306 Service and Repair Manual. (Haynes)
403 Factory Workshop Manual.
403; 403B; 404 Workshop Manual.
403; 404 Tune-up and Repair Manual. (Glens)
404 Factory Workshop Manual.
404 Petrol and Diesel Workshop Manual. (Intereurope).
405 Workshop Manual
405 MI-16; 505 GTI; 205 GTI, Bosch Fuel Injection+Motronic. Service Training Manual.
405 Wiring Data
405 Body and Trim Manuals.
504 Factory Parts Manual. (1968)
504 Owner's Workshop Manual. (Haynes)
504 Factory Workshop Manual.
504; 505; 604 Workshop Manual. (Peugeot/Talbot)
505 Factory Workshop Manual.
505 Owner's Workshop Manual. (Haynes)
505 Suspension/Brake/Steering & 604 - V6 Engine.
604 Factory Workshop Manuals.( In two Parts.)
Peugeot/Talbot Service Training, 505 Diesel/505 GTI.
Peugeot Service Training, Diffs/incl limited slip/5-speed G/box also 305/104 stuff.
Peugeot Service Training Electrics/door locks/Inst panels/Ign systems-all.
Peugeot Service Training 405 Intro/some repair/overhaul instructions.
Special Tools for 203; 403; 404; 504.
Peugeot Training Manual Anti skid brakes
Peugeot 306, 405, 605 Training Notes.
Peugeot 504, 505, 605 differential Manuals.
Peugeot XD, ZD engine Manuals.
Peugeot BA7 & BA10 Gearbox Manuals.
Peugeot Fuel Systems (general).
Petrol fuel Injection for various manufactures. (My Book)
In-Car-Entertainment Manual. (Haynes)

There a few other books of interest but not repair manuals

Contact - Club Librarian.
Gordon Hort. Mob 0408 409 202